Seiko 5 Sport. Stainless steel case. Japanese automatic movement. Rich brown leather strap.
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#TheStruggle. Had to check and make sure she didn’t have full bedding in there after. Not a bad idea. Might need to patent that. #copyright


These ancient streets have collected infinities and violence and heartbreak that no one can imagine. They are scars born proudly by survivors. They are honorable chips on shoulders. They grime turned to beauty, washed clean by the sweat of work. This is grace and dawn and a new day to be beautiful, Grace.
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The horizon is your memory. It stirs in the birthing dawn, blushing like a secret, like the blue of your eyes over your bashful cheeks. You are a reminder of the strength enough to save your day. You are the first stirrings of nature and the breaking of day. You are that sound in my chest that keeps pace with the universe the universal intelligence in the quartz movement of my heart. You are a kiss by a cool breeze. Good morning Detroit.

"Your head, it’s not right."
“I don’t know how to get better.”
“Sit with me here in the silence of the day. Let it wash you silver in the city’s light.”
“Will the lights become brighter for you?”
These words hit him with a crash to his chest. He searched her eyes for a familiar strength and gripped her hands so they would remember theirs.
“Take more changes, let them turn the light on for you.”
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Your head isn’t right.”

The men’s room at Cinema Detroit. Best. Restroom. Ever. Full billiards set, couch, leather arm chair. My only question: can I smoke my cigars in here? (at Cinema Detroit)

Detroit premier last Friday at Cinema Detroit.
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