A celebration of the things we have earned through the blood and tears. A praise of an antiquated theory that all quiet and still things come from a depth that is unseen by eyes but known by the soul. An acknowledgement at the survival of the stark reality that is life. This is the blushing contrast of a heart in stages of repair that has suffered lesions and legions in hearts of darkness known as an urban jungle, Detroit.
This is healing with coffee rings of a tank on empty. #prose #poetry #Detroit #AnnArbor #coffee #writing #CometCoffee #Michigan #vscocam

Only in Ann Arbor would I find discarded study aids that I can use as resources for my classes. #teacherstruggle #improvise #thathoodlife #TheStruggle #vscocam

Nostalgia for Autumn, Summer, and Their Respective Sports.

Piano keys remind me of rain falling. They are the sound of a million tiny dancers on the glass of my heart.

The sun is setting over Virginia Park making silhouettes of the old brick flats and cookie cut CDC homes that look less uniform in line with their aging grand counterparts. Monday is blooming to a close and Detroit loves itself tonight.

Her fickle heart put away for one night for who could…

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Today has been one of the best days in a long while. Got some good time in with some good people. Did some good work. Made some good food. Had some good coffee and later wine. Did some good Dallying. However, this perfectly delicious Honeycrisp Apple (and the 7 others I bought) is by far the BEST part of my day (maybe even week! The joy inside me at the knowledge that these delicious gifts from God are back fills me up with unspeakable joy. Amen everyone. Amen! #vscocam #fall

And how does one celebrate the things given to us?
By waiting.
For we cannot reach the newness of life but through stepping into the unknown and waiting.
Waiting for the quiet whisper in your chest that says:

#friday #Detroit #vinyl #prose #music #vscocam

Finally got it set up at the new crib. Today is full of poetry and tidings and beginnings. That is not to say that these come without remorse and tears and farewells. These are things that make me happy, when I wasn’t happy anymore. This is the growth of veins that carry ice and a heart that breathes fire. This is a music that speaks in quiet fluid motions, that says Yo la tengo from a baritone chest that speaks of poetry and metaphor about places it hasn’t been but calls home. This an evening of quiet celebration for a reminder that outside these walls is life. #poetry #prose #celebrate #home #life #music #vinyl #vscocam