And how does one celebrate the things given to us?
By waiting.
For we cannot reach the newness of life but through stepping into the unknown and waiting.
Waiting for the quiet whisper in your chest that says:

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Finally got it set up at the new crib. Today is full of poetry and tidings and beginnings. That is not to say that these come without remorse and tears and farewells. These are things that make me happy, when I wasn’t happy anymore. This is the growth of veins that carry ice and a heart that breathes fire. This is a music that speaks in quiet fluid motions, that says Yo la tengo from a baritone chest that speaks of poetry and metaphor about places it hasn’t been but calls home. This an evening of quiet celebration for a reminder that outside these walls is life. #poetry #prose #celebrate #home #life #music #vinyl #vscocam

This is my undressing.
Ink and parchment.
Here, I bare the madman,
buried more deeply than can be seen.

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Dieter Rams & Gerd Müller, Braun PCS 4 record player, 1961. Germany. Via flickr.